A small update :)

ight, it’s been a while. I came across a youtube video that explains semiconductors comprehensively. It also complements to your existing lecture notes. Personally, I think you will have better understanding of semiconductors after watching this video. I hope that you will find this module as fun as I did 2 years ago. Cheers!

Update 5

Apologies on the downtime. As I have not been monitoring this website due to the heavy workload from my workplace, the domain expired without me noticing.

Anyway, keeping this website up costs USD$18.00 annually. If this website has helped you and you would like to show your appreciation, you can either:

  1. Donate money through the donation button somewhere at the side.
  2. Donate your tutorial materials. (Send me a message through feedback)

Once again, sorry for the downtime. Let your friends know that the website is online again and spread words on this website to the freshmen who are coming in this year.

I graduated last year anyway.

Update 1

Hi friends,

This semester has been my hardest (but also the most fulfilling one) which explains why there is some delays in uploading the tutorials.

I’ve uploaded the first 5 tutorials for Engineering Math I.

I probably will not upload Data structures & Algorithms tutorials. Answers are scribbled all over the tutorial question papers. If you still insist on having it, drop me a feedback.

All the best for mid term.


More is less. Less is more.

Things to take note

Please kindly take note:

  1. I can’t upload the questions as it is considered plagiarism.
  2. Answers uploaded are 99% correct. Tell me if otherwise.
  3. I will upload the rest of the contents soon. Don’t worry if you see some of them missing.
  4. All of the content uploaded are my own work.
  5. Don’t bother copying my proposal. I had submitted them to Turnitin. Use it as reference only.
  6. Click on the pictures for better quality.
  7. Request through feedback if you need anything else.
  8. Donate or spread the word. 🙂