This post will be taken down soon.

The demand for special needs equipments, ranging from electronics to mobility equipments, is high in Singapore. However, the price of these items are not affordable due to a small market. Last week, I repaired a BIGmack simply by replacing the power connector ($0.50 on Shopee). For us, we are able to troubleshoot the problem easily. However, for many, they may assume the BIGmack is beyond repair and buy a new one which costs about $300. Imagine how much money one can save. Furthermore, a quick google search (1 min effort🥲) doesn’t show us where we can get these communicating devices repaired. Hence, people look to DIY for a cheaper alternative. If anyone is good with tinkering and building stuff, and wishes to take on some side projects, please drop me an email. Can earn some cash too. 😉


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